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A message from ALL Joshua CEO
Mike Robinson

When you’re in the midst of a war, tell me what are you willing to do to win the battle? What moves or strategies are you willing to put into action to guarantee the victory? Are you willing to risk the chance of becoming a prisoner of war by doing things contrary to the plans of our enemy?

Are you willing to go the road less-travelled in order to get to the destination that has been mapped out by our supervisors even though it may be booby trapped and your life has the potential to be a casualty? Or will you risk the chance that your knowledge is greater than the wisdom of the Brigadier General who already has gone through similar battes to secure the victory for you?


Hear the words of wisdom
If you’ve never had these questions posed to you, or if you’ve never been in a fight for your life, then you need to hear the words of wisdom out of the mouth of more than a conqueror. Allow the words that Mike Robinson has to share from his testimony, and unashamedly show the wounds that were self-inflected, as well as the scars of the battle.

If you dare take the step towards freedom versus continuing to be a prisoner of circumstances, as well as one of your own making, the life-giving words of Mike and his professional team will enable you to become Unshackled (the title of the book by Mike Robinson, published in 2004), and move from a place of confinement to a wealthy place of praise.


We believe in an integrated method of treatment that explored not only drug related problems but help to build life skills for the future.


All Joshua’s philosophy is we offer “more than just treatment”. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to the treatment issues affecting our residents. We offer individualized intensive services that meet basic need while also looking to enhance the overall quality of life for our patients, increase their social skills, set-sufficiency and self-esteem.